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Increasing the Policy Impact of Sustainability Science

Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt)
Sep 01, 2011 — Dec 31, 2012

In cooperation with: ISOE, IÖW

This project analyses how the policy impact of sustainability science can be raised in Germany. It aims at developing quality criteria for policy relevant research. Therefore, concepts will be developed that enhance the science-policy -interface.

Sustainability science seeks to contribute to finding solutions for future societal problems. In Germany, the research capacities in this area have been strengthened recently. However, the problem remains that even excellent research findings often do not have an impact on environmental policy making. One major reason is that there are no universally accepted quality criteria that researchers and research funders can refer to. Furthermore, in Germany there is hardly any institutionalization of the science-policy-interface. However, institutions can support the transfer of knowledge and serve as brokers for political needs regarding the usability of research findings.