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Coherence check of environmental policy goals and measures for the purpose of environmental reporting

Umweltbundesamt (UBA)
Nov 01, 2012 — Mar 31, 2015
Contact Person:
Klaus Jacob

Project partner: Öko-Institut

The number and complexity of environmental and sustainability strategies and programs is increasing. To avoid conflicting environmental developments, environmental goals as well as their assigned measures, instruments and implementation periods have to be well-coordinated and consistent. Environmental reporting can contribute to achieving this goal by analyzing coherence and consistencies of the German and European environmental and sustainability policies and point out needs for action.

It is the aim of the study to analyze actions as well as quality goals of national and European sustainability policies with regard to their compatibility with the overarching guiding principles of European environmental programs. In this way the project aims at improving governance and steering among them. Modeling approaches will be developed that offer the opportunity to analyze how implementation periods and instruments can be coordinated and consistency ensured.. Moreover, gaps regarding quantifiable goals in prioritized fields of action will be pointed out. Hence, subject specific environmental knowledge as well as knowledge on environmental policy is required to cover impacts and interplay of environmental policy measures in environmental reporting.