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Evaluation of the Energy Saving Service in Bremen


Bremer Energie-Konsens GmbH

Jan 01, 2012 — Dec 01, 2012
Contact Person:
Dr. Kerstin Tews
Forschungsschwerpunkt: Umweltpolitische Governance , Energiepolitik

The non-profit climate protection agency Bremen Energy Consensus and the GEWOBA incorporated company housing and construction co-started in agreement with the coordinators of the nationwide project “Stromsparcheck” from Caritas and eaD a similar project which is called “EnergieSparCheck for the tenants of GEWOBA".
This project aims at a reduction of CO2 of consulting and direct implementation of measures. The consulting services have the goal of sustainable behavioral change among the tenants. With immediate measures, this means, the direct installation of e.g. energy saving lamps, switchable power sockets, as well as aerators and shower heads savings to reduce hot water consumption to the water and energy consumption of the tenants will be reduced. With the proposed emergency measures like the direct installation of energy saving lamps, switchable power strips, as well as faucet
aerators and shower aerators in order to reduce hot water consumption, the energy consumption of tenants will be reduced.
The following objectives have been defined by the environmental agency energy consensus Bremen in their evaluation request:
· Identify the learning effects (survey of households for the use of immediate aid and to implementate behavioral tips).
· Identify the satisfaction of households / evaluation of the effects from the view of the households / identification for improvement.
· The determination of features for households with a migrant background. If necessary, recommendations for the differentiation of consulting services for households with different migration backgrounds should be developed.

The FFU will conduct the evaluation on the basis of the experience it already gained through the project “Stromsparcheck” which was funded by the national climate initiative.