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Market analysis of the supply and demand side in climate mitigation and adaptation technologies and study of and development of options to improve international cooperation

Research Team:

Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

Aug 01, 2013 — Jul 31, 2014
Contact Person:
Dr. Klaus Jacob

The ongoing climate change and the international and national climate policy goals reshape economic framework conditions fundamentally. The change towards a “low carbon economy” poses risks, but also enormous innovation and business opportunities for the German economy in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energies as well as technologies, products and services in adaptation to climate change. Thus, climate change and adaptation to it are significant factors in the development of the supply and demand side of markets – both for the domestic as well as for export markets. In the wake of changing climatic and political framework conditions, demands change. Climate policy also contributes to an increasing demand for renewable energies, energy efficiency solutions and renewable resources for industry.


The project develops a classification to bring together the supply side of the market and the various demands with the aim to contribute to the success of the technology mechanism of the UN framework convention on climate change. For that purpose, the study will analyse the technology needs assessment of emerging economies and developing countries taking part in the UNFCCC’s technology mechanism. In addition to that, the FFU will study the conditions for successful technology transfers and develop a map of the relevant actors in Germany in this field.