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Green Jobs: Employment Effects of a Green Economy

May 01, 2013 — Sep 30, 2013
Contact Person:
Dr. Klaus Jacob

The transition to a Green Economy is linked to hopes for the generation of additional Green Jobs. Existing empirical evidence on possible employment effects of a Green Economy, in particular in developing countries, is still limited, however. Existing studies are focused on projecting future employment growth. A number of assessments arrive at highly optimistic estimates regarding the number of additional jobs, which the transition to a Green Economy may generate. The UNEP Green Economy Report (2011) provides a more cautious estimate. It projects employment growth in the medium- to long-term. In the short term, however, jobs might be lost. Irrespectively, the transition to a Green Economy will involve far-reaching structural change, which should be accompanied by labor market and employment policy measures in order to succeed and to meet desired positive employment effects.

The study provides an overview of the international debate on Green Jobs, and evaluates the existing empirical evidence on quantitative and qualitative employment effects of the transition to a Green Economy, particularly in developing and emerging countries. Moreover, it analyzes the recommended policies and measures for promoting the transition to a Green Economy and assesses their expected employment impacts. On that basis, it formulates recommendations for the promotion of Green Jobs within the context of international development cooperation.