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Scientific Coordination of the Funding Priority Sustainable Economy (NaWiKo)

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Project partners: Ecologic Institute, Fraunhofer ISI

The transition to a sustainable economy system is not only a political and societal project, but also keeps a wide range of different disciplines busy. Regarding the need of action and options, there is a vast number of research findings of innovations and their impacts. The project on the Scientific Coordination of the Funding Priority Sustainable Economy  (NaWiKo) aims to contribute to the development of a guiding model of a green economy and by doing so, to strengthen the German role on the road to a green economy.

The project interlinks the 30 different projects of the funding measure ‘Sustainable Economy Activity” and develops contentual syntheses, which provide orientation and impulses for the further development of the area „Sustainable Economy Activity“. These syntheses should provide stimuli not only for science, but also for politics, economy and society. Furthermore, the project aims to contribute to the strengthening of societal-political effects of the funded projects and the funding measure.

 NaWiKo encompasses four main steps of procedure to achieve that goal:

  • Identify the need for coordination and transfer of the projects
  • Exchange of knowledge and linking of the projects, for instance, by topic specific workshops and national as well as international conferences
  • Synthesis of project overlapping findings of the projects in synthesis papers
  • Transfer of knowledge and public relations activities, such as the establishment of a group of stakeholders from politics, economy, civil society and scientific policy consulting