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Analysis of strategic polices and its effects within the ministry of environment and its government agencies



Oct 01, 2016 — Aug 31, 2018
Contact Person:
Klaus Jacob

Partner: Integrative Dialoge

The diversity of topics of the ministry for the environment and building imposes high demands on the integrity and consistency of policymaking. The environmental and building policies are more convincing and effective, the more consistent and strategic they are. Many goals can only be achieved by a long-term cooperation of different departments and organizational units. Therefore, political instruments are increasingly embedded in the context of strategies. Against this background, a research project (FKZ UM 09 11 156-3) was completed in 2012, which evaluated the then current strategy development processes and summarized recommendations for further work with strategies in the BMU and its divisions in a guideline. The recommendations for action and the guide from 2012 are now being further developed based on a large number of further questions and demands on the development of high-quality strategies and their implementation and evaluation.


  • Collection and analysis of the current strategic understandings in the portfolio of the ministry for environment and building,
  • Determination of the impacts of strategies;
  • Strengthening and monitoring of internal communication and cooperation processes for the strategy development and implementation;
  • Development of recommendations for the management as well as the secondary divisions and drawing up an updated and extended guide for internal further training in the divisions.