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Dare to Transform – Development of an innovation laboratory in the UBA and BMU for shaping transformations (TrafoWag)



Nov 01, 2017 — Nov 01, 2020

Employees working in ministries or agencies have a special responsibility for shaping a sustainable future. Extensive transformation processes, such as fulfilling the Paris Agreement or the SDGs, necessitate both individual as well as appropriate organisational capabilities.How are social innovations sponsored, future trends analysed, efficacious narratives developed, and actors in the transformation process supported?

Many employees in political and administrative organisations already possess considerable expertise in these areas. However, by using existing knowledge comprehensively throughout the different departments, units and organisations, the efficacy can be further enhanced. For exploring these competences, and in order to enable as well as promote cooperation, a room is needed.

In the UFOPLAN-Project “Transformation wagen” (Daring to Transform) the Environmental Policy Research Centre in cooperation with Politics for Tomorrow and other partners, such as practice partners, has developed a scientifically substantiated training programme for a learning and transformation lab. The lab aims at enabling employees in these organisation to shape transformation processes in a sustainable way.