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TRends In Global Governance and Europe’s Role (TRIGGER)


European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme

Nov 01, 2018 — Dec 31, 2021

The European Union (EU) is a multi-dimensional, constantly changing actor in global governance. Depending on the respective policy field, the EU holds a distinct level of actorness and influence. At the same time, the EU is developing continuously through its various governance arrangements in several policy fields. In some governance structures it already speaks unanimously, e.g. regarding trade relations, data security or regulations on e-communication. In other cases, however, the EU participates as an internally fragmented block at global governance dialogues, as it was the case with defence and security policy until recently. To sum it up, while in some cases the EU appears as one united actor (as it is the case for climate policy), in other fields it appears as a weak observer being restricted by the diverging interests of its member states (as it is the case in the United Nations participation). Most recently, the release of the new EU Global Strategy was an attempt to enhance the EU’s role in multiple fields – ranging from defense and security to climate policy to sustainable diplomacy. This is to be achieved through a coherent frame for the advancement of a European agenda. 

Against this background, the aim of the project is to equip EU institutions with the necessary knowledge and tools to enhance the actorness, effectiveness and influence on global governance. 

In order to achieve this goal, the project focuses on designing new ways to support European policy makers with their decisions through imparting them usable knowledge especially from methods of participatory foresight. In particular, arising trends as nationalism, regionalism and protectionism are considered. The results are collected in multiple tools, like the Atlas of Global Governance REGulation and Europe’s AcTORness (AGGREGATOR) or Co-Creating the European Union (COCTEAU). AGGREGATOR aims at modelling actorness and effectiveness, and providing an overview of recent global trends and trends in global governance, in particular. COCTEAU will comprise new techniques as AI-based sentiment analysis and innovative methods of public participation and public engagement. In four so-called “deep dives” the project team will firstly assess the current state of the EU’s actorness in the respetive fields, secondly how the actorness developed over the time, and finally how the EU will be able to enhance its influence in these fields. Amongst others, this will include projection methods. 

All findings will be eventually merged into a toolbox on Public Engagement for Responsive and Shared EU Strategies (PERSEUS). 

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