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Environmental Policy in Dialogue – Environment / Populism / Democracy


Umweltbundesamt (German Environment Agency) 

Aug 01, 2022 — Mar 31, 2025

Consortium: adelphi, FU Berlin, nexus, sociodimensions, ConPolicy

The project supports the environment department of the federal government and its affiliated institutions (UBA, BfN, etc.) in reaching out to citizens who are skeptical or opposed to ambitious environmental and climate policies - which have come about democratically, are science-based and ethically justified to face. The focus of the project is on milieus that are remote from the environment and sustainability, populist citizens and groups that are not interested in participation.

The team at the FU Berlin supports the survey of the social science principles on the basis of preliminary work by the environmental department and other available studies and specialist literature. In order to substantiate and reflect on the results with the experiences and insights of those active in environmental policy practice, focus groups are then carried out. The aim is to find out under what structural, content-related and procedural conditions the identified milieus and types for the socio-ecological transformation can (yet) be reached and how they can be addressed. The strategies and measures derived from this will be discussed in a workshop with representatives of political practice from the environmental department.

The project consortium then works on the development, testing and evaluation of innovative and target group-oriented formats. A dialogue with random citizens and scientists will be tested and applications will be formulated. These will then be analyzed for their practical suitability. Building on this, the team at the FU Berlin is working on a scientific review that will prepare the project findings for various scientific communities. The results will also be discussed at a scientific workshop. At the end of the project, the consortium prepares recommendations for action for the environmental department.