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ENABLE - Enabling the green transition in Norway


Norwegian Research Council

Jun 01, 2020 — Jul 01, 2023
Contact Person:
Dr. Maria Rosaria Di Nucci, Michael Krug

Overall project objective

The overall objective of ENABLE is to develop a more dynamic understanding of societal responses to emerging sustainable technologies and to explore how policy packages could be designed in response. The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and led by the research centre CICERO. In addition to Norwegian research institutes and other market actors, two EU universities are involved: the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby and the Free University of Berlin - Environmental Policy Research Centre. 

Project content and approach

Together with the Norwegian partners, the FFU is responsible for working on a case study in the field of the offshore wind industry. The approach comprises several working steps:analysis of the initial conditions for the development of offshore wind projects, literature review on acceptance factors, analysis of stakeholders, policy and governance, case study research with expert interviews, stakeholder surveys as well as conclusions and recommendations to policy makers.

Research focus of the FFU 

The focus of the research to be conducted by the Environmental Policy Research Centre within ENABLE is on the social and local acceptance of planned or realised offshore wind farm projects. The most important subjects of acceptance are local coastal residents, representatives of coastal tourist communities, fishing associations and environmental organisations.