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Lead poisoning in White-tailed Sea Eagles: Communication of Scientific Results as a Fundament for Societal Opinion Making

Principal Investigator:
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Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Jun 01, 2006 — Sep 30, 2009
Contact Person:
Roland Zieschank

Project partners:

Leibnitz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung (IZW), Berlin

Project description

Nature Sciences are important to analyse and describe the problem of lead poisoning in birds of prey and for the evaluation of lead-free ammunition. The Social Sciences part of the Environmental Policy Research Centre focuses on different groups of stakeholders, such as hunters, ammunition industry, ammunition suppliers, forest owners, nature conservationists and in addition the affected federal agencies in Germany. The project aims to analyse how stakeholders deal with the problem, and which kinds of barriers and channels do exist when behavior modification is suggested.

Together with results from the ongoing research of the involved disciplines of natural sciences, the joint project is engaged in information and communication with stakeholders and also with the public. Therefore the contribution of the political science part encompasses two different research units, that means analytical aspects and dialogue oriented aspects. It is intended to develop an exemplary strategy of problem solving concerning conflicts between different interests in resource use and protection of biodiversity. In case of success the participants find an agreement which makes legal regulations unnecessary.


16 April 2009

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