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Sustain and Enhance Cooperation on Sustainable Development between Europe and Southeast Asia (SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN)

The SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN project aims at establishing a more sustainable and integrated research and innovation cooperation between the EU and the ASEAN region in the areas of climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials. It will also improve the uptake and exploitation of respective research results by different user groups. The project's approach is to achieve this through:

  • Creating a knowledge base on the strategic environment for sustainable cooperation, uptake and implementation of results of joint EU-ASEAN environment research
  • Developing and testing tools for increased synergies, uptake, exposure and visibility of joint EU-ASEAN research
  • Developing a roadmap and concrete proposals for upgrading joint research and innovation, for more sustainable and strategic future cooperation
  • Identifying and cluster EU funded and relevant bilateral projects in the area of climate action, raw materials and resource efficiency