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Environmental strategy development- Sustainable Management of political environmental goals and strategies


Bundesumweltministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit

Sep 01, 2009 — Dec 31, 2011
Contact Person:
Dr. Klaus Jacob

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Project description:

As shown by current reports on the German strategy for sustainable development and its indicators, the attempts at achieving sustainability are not sufficiently effective to meet the goals in time. Further effort is needed to achieve a sustainable development. Departmental officers are confronted with considerable challenges when implementing politics consistent with the manifold requirements concerning sustainability and the existing departmental policies. However, it is necessary to identify possible interdependencies, trade-offs and synergies of environmental politics in an early stage of developing concrete politics. Thereby, it is possible to reach a more consistent environmental policy and to avoid inconsistencies within the respective measures.

In the domain of the BMU, the FFU and IFOK supports in two exemplary environmental policy areas relevant for the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) the development or refinement of strategies by giving professional expertise and the moderation of the process.