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Knowledge-based Environmental Policy

Knowledge of ecological and social interdependenciesis a key prerequisite for effective environmental politics and the integration of environmental demands in different policy fields. In recent decades, knowledge-based institutions and procedures for environmental and other policies have been established in all countries of the OECD and beyond.
This includes in particular the (ex ante) regulatory impact assessment. Before the enacting of new policies, they are examined in terms of their consequences – in relation to the target of regulations as well as the possible side-effects. Undesired effects on the environment can be identified early, and the integration of environmental and sustainability goals can be put into practice, as well as the coherence between different policies be made possible.
The FFU engages itself with institutions and the processes of knowledge-based politics in various jurisdictions and in a comparative perspective. Furthermore, we develop tools and processes which can be used for knowledge-based politics. In this way, we connect basic research to knowledge-based politics by transferring it into policy-relevant knowledge.