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Dare to Transform – Development of an innovation laboratory in the UBA and BMU for shaping transformations (TrafoWag)

Employees in ministries and public authorities have a special responsibility in shaping a sustainable future. Major societal transformation processes, such as digitization and the achievement of the Paris climate goals, require specific capacities and competencies in these organizations.How are social innovations promoted? How are powerful narratives formulated? Are transformation actors strengthened?

Many employees in political-administrative organizations already have expertise on these issues. The effectiveness can be increased if the knowledge is sharedwithin? departments, across? departments or organizations. What is needed is a space for reflection and learning that helps organizations to discover and promote these competences.

In the UFOPLAN project "Dare to Transform", the FFU works together with Politics for Tomorrow and other partners to develop an education program as a learning and transformation laboratory for strengthening competences needed to shape a sustainable future.