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Sustainable development and climate protection rank highly on the political agendas in both Germany and India. As an emerging world power, India is becoming an important partner in critical areas such as climate protection, renewable energy and the increase of energy efficiency. Currently, we are witnessing rapidly growing markets for environmental technologies and increased bilateral cooperation. India’s fast-emerging economy and Germany’s pioneering environmental economy, offer different but at the same time mutually complementary perspectives. Collaboration with India is becoming increasingly important for universities, business and government organisations not only in Germany, but throughout the world.

The German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue brings together decision-makers, scholars and future environmental leaders from Germany and India. They address climate protection and environmental governance and discuss the challenges and chances for bilateral environmental cooperation between both countries. Together they seek to build a platform for exchange, linking knowledge and developing approaches to cross-national lesson-drawing as well as bilateral cooperation at the interface of politics, business and academia. 30 November 2009 "German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue", was awarded first prize from the city of Berlin. According to the Jury, the project is an exceptional example for an academic contribution to "Education for Sustainable Development".

The Dialogue's membership includes around 100 participants from Germany and India - amongst them political, business, academic, media, and other nongovernmental experts and young researchers. Each is involved and interested in bilateral German-Indian cooperation in climate protection and sustainable development.

The German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue had its kick-off meeting at the Freie Universität Berlin on 1 October 2008. The University played host to a workshop entitled “German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue”. It was intended as a network, organised by the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) in cooperation with TERI  University in New Delhi.

In addition, the goal of the network is to provide research and higher education that is based on the necessity of practice and to create a platform for an ongoing exchange of experience and knowledge between the three fields promoted.

We would like herewith to kindly invite you to attend forthcoming events and contribute to ongoing activities at the interface of academia, politics and business. We plan on addressing the potentials and challenges of bilateral cooperation and will emphasise the need for gaining knowledge as a key for success in improving the conditions on which action can be taken.