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Isabella Neuweg

Isabella Neuweg

student BA Political Science with focus on environmental policy

28 Jun - 15 Sep 2009

Internship at TERI: In the course of my mainly desk research oriented internship, I
+wrote report on international emission trading systems and its potential for India
+conducted literature review on emission trading systems
+assisted in project proposal for British-Indian cooperation in carbon market

Outside the scope of TERI, I have also engaged in the outreach activities of an NGO. I went into the slums of Delhi to track down families of people currently in prison to provide them with care and send their children to school.

My main interests include the analysis and development of GHG mitigation measures and the inclusion of developing countries in a global framework for climate action.

My time in India, despite its brevity, counts towards the most enriching, instructive, and eye-opening months I have ever had in my life. I have never learned so much in so little a time, I have never met so many interesting, like-minded people accumulated in one place, I have never encountered such intense cultural and scenic richness and variety, and I have certainly never eaten such great food for so little money.