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Lana Ollier


Lana Ollier is studying Political Science at the Free University of Berlin with a special interest in climate and energy policy as well as climate governance. As part of the German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue Lana Ollier is researching the barriers of diffusion in rural electrification trough micro grids. The study is based on the idea that electrification through mini grids should receive an equal policy support to on grid connection through power by large energy plants. In this context she will study the barriers of diffusion and concludes with a policy recommendation for the support of mini grid electrification. In the process of her research Lana Ollier is working in close cooperation with the Teri Institute. As part of her work she will interview stakeholders from NGOs, the Government and entrepreneurs in this particular field, furthermore she will conduct field trips to get an insight view of the technologies application.