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Kira Vinke


student / Free University Berlin

Sept. - Dec. 2012

Kira Vinke is a student of the joint Master´s program of International Relations at Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Universität Potsdam.

Her research project within the GISCCD student exchange will analyze the stabilizing and destabilizing factors of organized crime and corruption in the energy sector of India. Several areas within the energy sector are especially vulnerable to the actions of organized criminal groups, through, for instance, short-term investments and bribery in the private sector. Furthermore, profits from energy speculations are an attractive field for the money laundering of criminal groups. Moreover, the emerging sector of renewable energy, which will play a significant role in India´s future power supply, is particularly at the risk of infiltration through investments, because capital costs are relatively low in this sector. Within the realm of her research it will be analyzed in which ways the market has been affected and could be protected from these forms of criminal activity. In connection with this she will conduct interviews with experts working in the energy industry, government and police officials, as well as university scholars familiar with the field of corruption.