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EU-Canada Civil Society Educational Network

Civil society organizations (nonprofits, voluntary, community-based and charitable organizations, and social enterprise) are not only an integral part of the delivery of health, environmental, education, social, recreational and other services in most developed countries, but also a critical contributor to a healthy democracy and a strong economy. In response to the increasing demands being placed on civil society, new courses, programs, and research initiatives have been developed by Canadian and European universities to build organizational capacity and support enabling public policy. By facilitating the mobility of students, faculty, researchers and resources, this project is to develop a Canadian-European Civil Society Educational Network with the following objectives:

  • To enhance the educational experiences and skills of Canadian and European students seeking a variety of careers related to civil society organizations and social enterprises;
  • To support the development of new curricula to teach civil society in a range of disciplines;
  • To facilitate the collaboration between Canadian and European universities to expand their programs in civil society studies;
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of educational materials, resources, and tools for Canadian and European faculty, students, and researchers in civil society studies





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