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Workshop #4

Transatlantic Workshops

Two of the four workshops will take place in Germany (Ruhr Region and Stuttgart). The other two workshops will be held in the U.S. (Northern Virginia) and in Canada (Guelph, Ontario). The explicit purpose of each workshop will be to highlight the development and performance of German, Canadian and U.S. community energy planning practices within unique thematic contexts (e.g. energy efficient buildings, building retrofits, district energy systems, or regional redevelopment) and to evaluate the transfer of innovative practices between Germany and selected North American metropolitan regions. The four workshops will be accompanied by site visits.

Workshop #4: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Integrated Community Energy Systems: Sustainable City Building, Competitiveness and Economic Development

15th - 17th of May 2013


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The purpose of this workshop was to assess the practical aspects of implementing community energy plans and in particular the critical issues of financing. In addition, this workshop focused on the international benchmarking and the role of public-private partnerships.