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European Union and the United States


RoomIhnestr. 22, 14195 Berlin 22/UG3
StartApr 13, 2010
10.00-12.00 Uhr

This course will be taught in English. It will use comparative and multi-level governance approaches to examine politics and policy making processes in the United States and the European Union. We will consider the similarities and differences of the federal/multi-level governance structures in the US and the EU, discuss decision making processes, and try to explain areas of convergence and divergence in policy outcomes across the Atlantic. The influence of different actors (civil society, business, the states, regions) and interests will be considered along with a study of institutional structures and functions. The course will include case studies of policy making from different policy areas, including the environment, energy, security, justice, and others to be decided in discussion with the class. There will be a Blackboard site for the course. Language of instruction: a mixture of English and German with some translation of the German for the non-German speakers.