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Nishitha Bajaj

Nishitha Bajaj

Field of activity: Assessment of low carbon development pathways for India

Supervisor: Prof. (Dr.) Suresh Jain, TERI University; Currently working under the supervision of Dr. Kirsten Jörgensen, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU)

Research Focus:

The mitigation of emissions causing climate change is presently the most challenging problem faced by communities, worldwide. Hence, the agenda of growth and development in today’s scenario has shifted to the idea of a low carbon development pathway. It is viewed as a soft alternative to achieve targets with respect to reduction of GHG emissions in developing countries. Countries all over the world have adopted a multilateral approach by introducing different interventions and strategies to progress towards a low carbon future and thereby mitigate climate change. Being a developing country, India has experienced immense socio-economic development in the recent past. However, this has led India in becoming the fourth largest emitter of CO2 globally. Considering the current scenario of socio-economic development in the country, it is the need of the hour to systematically and critically analyse the benefits and co-benefits that can be achieved by shifting towards a low carbon development pathway. Thus, the research is focussed on identifying the existing gaps that hinder successful implementation of interventions and policies undertaken in India. However, the gaps are not only analysed qualitatively, but a scenario modelling approach has also been adopted to quantitatively evaluate the impact of current policy measures on GHG trajectory of the country.

Research Interests:

  • Low carbon development and planning
  • Air quality modelling and management
  • Environmental health and risk assessment
  • Greenhouse gas emissions modelling
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Biographical background:

Nishitha Bajaj is currently pursuing research at FFU under the Erasmus Plus Exchange Programme. Prior to joining as a doctoral research scholar at the Department of Natural Resources, TERI University, India, she has obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Resource Management from TERI University. She has worked on several national and international projects dealing with greenhouse gas mitigation and climate change.


Bajaj, N., Sharma, T., Suneja, D., Jain, S. Health Risk Assessment of Delhi roadside Traffic Policemen: A Cross-Sectional Epidemiological Study. (Communicated in Journal of Transport and Health)

Kumar, A., Sharma, T., Bajaj, N., Srivastava, L. Potential of Climate Clubs from the Indian Perspective. (Communicated)

Article titled ‘Breathe Easy’ in a daily newspaper, Financial Chronicle, July, 14, 2015.