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Sandeep Dahiya

Sandeep Dahiya

Teri University, New Delhi, India

Department of Natural Resources

Sandeep Dahiya is a research scholar at Department of Natural Resources, TERI University, New Delhi, INDIA. He is currently focusing on “Understanding the nexus between energy generation, climate change, air pollution and their implications on human health to establish the synergy and trade-offs to be adopted for a sustainable and healthier future energy generation pathway”. 

As a part of six months “Erasmus+ Exchange programe” at Freie University, Berlin, Germany he will identify the synergies and gaps between energy access, air pollution (human health) and climate change policies in line with commitments at national & international platforms for India. Working on it he will develop a Sustainable Energy development framework (SED Framework), wherein he will list down and gave weightage to the indicators of SED Framework.  He will perform interviews with academicians, researchers, policy makers, planners, practitioners and consultants in Europe to discuss and understand the complexities of SED framework development.