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Drishya Nair

Drishya Nair

student / TERI University

01-Jan to 31 March 2011

Drishya Nair is pursuing Masters in Climate Science and Policy at TERI University, New Delhi. She will be doing an internship of three months at FFU, during which she would be working on the Biomass based energy policies of Europe and India and their sustainability. Her broad areas of interest include climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, Ecosystem dynamics and renewable energy technologies.

Biomass can be called as the sustainable, future energy source, due to its renewable nature, climate change mitigation and employment generation capacity. Policies play an important role in determining the sustainability of biomass as a source of energy. The European Union meets 4% of its energy need by biomass, which it has attained with the help of a common Biomass Action plan along with Biomass Action plans of individual member states. With particular focus on Germany’s Biomass Action plan, she would like to compare it with the Biomass energy policies in India and how both these countries can mutually take lessons from each other’s experiences. Another focal area would be to assess the negative impacts of Biomass based energy and how it is monitored in Germany. This objective will be attained by conducting interviews and interacting with experts and government officials relevant to the field in Germany.