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Pranay Ranjan

Pranay Ranjan

student / TERI Institute

01 Jan - 30 Apr 2010

Pranay Ranjan is a student of Masters in Environmental Studies at TERI University, New Delhi. He is presently doing his internship at FFU and studying the concept of Policy Dismantling in the context of Environmental investments and Global Economic Crisis. Broadly, his work involves studying the impact of economic crisis on investments in the environment and analyzing the applicability of Policy Dismantling concept in insulating these investments from economic ups and downs. With this background and as a contribution to the “German Indian Climate Change Dialogue” he intends to develop a case study for Germany and India by studying the Economic & Environmental Policies from respective countries. He also intends to apply the concept of Policy Dismantling to a specific sector with respect to the subject countries. He strongly believes that the scope of this project could be further extended to understand the role of policy dismantling at global level in dealing with global economic crisis.

His broad areas of interest include Environmental Economics, Environmental Governance and Policy of Climate Change. He considers his ability to think innovatively as his forte.