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Pallavi Sharma

Pallavi Sharma

student / TERI Institute

1 January – 31 March 2011

Project title: Assessing urban vulnerability towards climate change by critically assessing policy discrepancies

Pallavi Sharma is a student at TERI University, New Delhi. She is pursuing her Masters in Climate Science and Policy; currently she is in FFU for her project on urban cities and climate change. Urban cities shelter about half of world’s population and demand huge amount of energy and facilities for its subsistence. These provide higher GDP per capita and income more then national average which draws in more population this good is then overshadowed by externalities like congestions, risks of natural disasters etc. This is also reflected in the GHG emissions they produce this concern has resulted in elaborate actions plans. Through her study she wants to analyse the policy actions that have been taken in various sectors of different cities in Germany and find out the success rate and cause of leakages, lax enforcements. Sustainable development is illustrated by urban indicators, her work will also analyse key indicators. She also aims to suggest certain policy actions for Indian cities that can be feasible in the existing scenario. The study would include interviews with the experts, NGO and administrative bodies.