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Paul van Kaldenkerken

Paul van Kaldenkerken

Student of Political Science

I’m a student of political science at the Free University Berlin with a long-standing interest in the adaption and mitigation of climate change and sustainable development. I did an internship in TERI’s “Green Growth Strategies” area on the project “Low Carbon Development in China and India”. The study aims at investigating the current efforts of both countries towards green growth and seeks to establish more South-South cooperation.

I started out preparing webinars on four different topics regarding low carbon development in China. Since this project was postponed I started working on the role of cities in mitigating climate change. I did an extensive literature review on municipal government and different modes of governance as well as the institutional framework that cities are embedded in.

Other than this project I was also able to observe the work of my supervisor Shailly Kedia, especially with the Indo-German Expert Group on Green and Inclusive Economy. I attended one of their preparation meetings, where a discussion paper was formulated.

Overall I was surrounded by an incredibly motivated and highly intelligent team and gained valuable insight into the work of the institute.