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Sustainability Check Luxembourg

Principal Investigator:
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Dr. Klaus Jacob

Research Team:

Dr. Klaus Jacob
Johanna Ferretti

Anna-Lena Guske


Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainability

Jan 01, 2011 — May 31, 2011
Contact Person:
Johanna Ferretti

The Luxembourg Sustainability Plan foresees the conduction of a sustainability check for national policy initiatives. In order to provide guidelines for such a sustainability impact assessment the Luxembourg Ministry for Sustainability in cooperation with Movement Ecologique (one of the main environmental NGOs in Luxemburg) has commissioned the FFU

  • To conduct an exemplary sustainability check on a current policy,
  • To develop guidelines for future sustainability checks to be carried out.

The check will be linked to the currently drafted quality objectives and indicators of the Luxembourg Sustainability Plan and will further include a climate check also set out in the strategy.

In the guidelines options for an IA procedure, its institutionalisation as well as the use of possible tools will be described. Furthermore, opportunities for the integration with other existing impact assessments, such as the financial IA or strategic environmental assessment are to be presented.