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Dr. Klaus Jacob spoke about Rio+20 on the vessel “MS Wissenschaft“

Dr. Klaus Jacob participated in the discussion event „Rio +20: Our Last Chance“ that took place on June 4, 2012, as part of the series „Dialogue on Deck”. He spoke about opportunities in the context of the Earth Summit on Sustainable Development which is held in Rio de Janeiro on June 20-22.

News from Jun 21, 2012

The event took place on board of the MS Wissenschaft at the landing point at Washingtonplatz in Berlin. For the series of events on “Research on Sustainable Development”, the exhibition ship moors in several German cities on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In the course of the discussion with Barbara Unmüßig from the Heinrich Böll Fondation and Dr. Fritz Reusswig from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research, Dr. Jacob emphasized the relevance of the World Summit for the transition to a green economy. The latter could only be achieved through binding legal frameworks providing incentives for a more resource efficient production and consumption.