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LIAISE Session on „Does evidence help to promote transparency and accountability?” at the 2012 Earth System Governance Conference

In the context of the LIAISE (‘Linking Impact Assessment Instruments and Sustainability Expertise‘) Network of Excellence Dr. Sabine Weiland organised a panel at this year’s Earth System Governance Conference, which was held from 18-20 April in Lund, Sweden under the heading „Towards a Just and Legitimate Earth System Governance – Addressing Inequalities”.

News from Apr 30, 2012

The LIAISE panel titled „Does evidence help to promote transparency and accountability?” addressed recent trends towards evidence-based policy making regarding its contribution to transparency and accountability. It discussed the role of evidence in decision making as compared to power, interests and other political factors. Dr. Sabine Weiland gave a paper on “Policy Assessment A Tool for Transparent and Accountable Governance?”. Other contributors were, among others, Dr. Silke Beck, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig, with a contribution on “Scientific evidence as ‘proof’ and ‘proxy’ for policy debate - The case of global warming”.