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New publication: Approaching Rio+20: Positions and expectations of civil society organisations on the Green Economy

Holger Bär, Klaus Jacob and Stefan Werland published their study on European civil society's stances on issues related to the Green Economy as part of Sustainable Development.

News from Mar 15, 2012

The study entitled "Approaching Rio+20: A survey of positions and expectations of civil society organisations in six European countries on the Green Economy", commissioned by the European Economy and Social Committee, was published both as FFU Report and as LIAISE Working Paper.

The report presents findings from an online survey and a number of expert interviews on the perspectives of European civil society on Sustainable Development and the Green Economy in the run-up to the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. The survey was sent out to civil society organisations in six selected European countries to gain a bet- ter understanding of their views on specific aspects of the Green Economy concept. In ad- dition to this, the data analysis allows us to compare respondents’ answers across different groups of civil society as well as between countries.