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Regional Forum: Green Jobs in Asia - Potentials and Prospects

From March 5-7, 2012, Dr. Klaus Jacob and Rainer Quitzow attended the regional conference "Green Jobs in Asia - Potentials and Prospects" in Singapur.

News from Mar 08, 2012

On invitation by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Klaus Jacob and Rainer Quitzow were involved in the conceptual preparation of the conference. During the conference, they participated in two panel discussions. First, they presented research findings on challenges and opportunities of a transition to a "green economy". Second, they took part in a panel which discussed the results of various country studies on "green jobs". Klaus Jacob and Rainer Quitzow's presented a case study entitled "Germany's Transformation towards a Green Economy: The economic, social and environmental impacts of the policies towards a sustainable energy supply". Finally, they presented comparative conclusions from the country case studies with regard to the overall conference theme.