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3rd Annual LIAISE Meeting in Bilbao, Spain

The LIAISE ('Linking Impact Assessment Instruments and Sustainability Expertise') Network of Excellence, which is co-coordinated by FFU, held its 3rd Annual Meeting from 14-16 March 2012 in Bilbao, Spain. Six researchers from FFU, among others Klaus Jacob, Sabine Weiland and Dirk Wascher attended the meeting, which was hosted by LIAISE partner TECNALIA Labein. 

News from Mar 20, 2012

The main objective of LIAISE is to build up a broad interdisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners which develops a mutual understanding of the respective needs and potentials. Recurrent elements in the Annual Meetings are the consolidation of the LIAISE Network by enhancing information exchanges and updates on achievements in the previous year, strengthening the internal relations, and exchanging, clarifying and harmonizing concepts and definitions at the core of LIAISE. Furthermore, early-career researchers (so called ‘LIAISE offspring’) was given the opportunity to present their work at the meeting. Johanna Ferretti and Pauline Riousset, both doctoral researchers from FFU, seized the opportunity to presented their research on Impact Assessment in comparative context (Ferretti) and on the factors determining the use of evidence in policy making (Riousset)

A major new element in the Annual Meeting in Bilbao was the outreach to external groups/projects that are relevant to LIAISE objective to build a community of IA researchers and practitioners that will continue beyond the period of project funding. In particular, the Open Day on 14 March was used to present LIAISE and discuss opportunities for linking-up with external parties, projects and developments with invited external experts, covering fields of IA expertise that are not included in the LIAISE consortium.