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New project: "Resource Policy" (PolRess)

The research group Policy Assessment of the FFU leads a consortium in a 3 ½ year´s project on “resource policy”, commissioned by the Federal Environmental Agency.

News from Feb 02, 2012

The project aims at supporting and stimulating the emerging political and social debate on resource policies from a political science, legal and economic perspective. Under the lead of the research group Policy Assessment of the FFU, a consortium was formed by six renowned partners: Ecologic Institute, European School of Governance, Institute of Economic Structures Research, Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), Öko-Institute und Wuppertal-Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy.

Within the project, the debate on targets and indicators will be analyzed and options identified for selecting, operationalizing and prioritizing targets on resource policy. Policy instruments will be examined regarding their potential to increase resource efficiency and resource conservation. Moreover, qualitative scenarios will be developed and quantitative simulations conducted. With scientifically grounded and purposefully policy papers the debate on potential measures and constraints will be stimulated and networking activities with other research projects and actors from science, research and politics will be promoted.