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LIAISE Session at 2012 TEEB Conference

At the 2012 TEEB Conference on “Mainstreaming the Economics of Nature: Challenges for Science and Implementation”, held on 19-22 March 2012 in Leipzig, Johanna Ferretti and Dr. Sabine Weiland presented a paper on “Mainstreaming biodiversity – Tools for Integrating Ecosystems in Policy Impact Assessment”.

News from Mar 23, 2012

The paper was part of a session on “Integrating Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Policy Impact Assessment”, which was organised by the LIAISE (‘Linking Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise’) Network. Sabine Weiland, who chaired the session, first gave an introduction to policy assessment and the LIAISE network. This was followed by four papers on issues of mainstreaming biodiversity in policy assessment and tools therefore, and on topics such as scale in ecosystem assessment and the inclusion of stakeholder knowledge. The session was very well attended and, following the paper presentations, a lively discussion ensued on ways of taking biodiversity concerns up in policy making and policy assessment.