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New Publication: Special Symposium on Nature, Science, and Politics, or: Policy Assessment to Promote Sustainable Development.

Nature+Culture, Volume 8, Number 1, Spring 2013

Editors: Sabine Weiland, Vivien Weiss and John Turnpenny

This special symposium explores how the construction and utilization of scientific knowledge in policy making and its impact in the policy process itself can be better understood.

News from Apr 21, 2013

There already exist a large number of concepts to theorize the science-policy interface and interaction. This symposium addresses how science and politics interact in practice, especially in the field of sustainable development. The aim is to move beyond apolitical, one-directional knowledge transfer models that still inform much of the debate on the utilization of science. At the same time, the persistence of these linear models is remarkable and in need of explanation.

The special symposium assembles empirical and conceptual contributions that make use of various approaches to science-politics-policy interaction from science and policy studies that shed light on the issue of evidence and knowledge construction and its use in policy making. Special attention is paid to the role of “nature” in this interaction—as hard natural science, as a solid boundary to protect science’s authoritative claims, in relation to the natural core of socio-ecological systems, and so on.

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