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OECD discloses impact assessment studies

The OECD has just disclosed the results of two studies on impact assessments that have been conducted by FFU.

News from Jan 17, 2013

The first study  was authored by Klaus Jacob, Johanna Ferretti and Anna-Lena Guske from FFU with contributions from John Turnpenny, Andrew Jordan and Camilla Adelle from the University of East Anglia. The paper focuses on the consideration of sustainability aspects in impact assessments and is available here under the full title "Sustainability in Impact Assessments: A Review of Impact Assessment Systems in selected OECD countries and the European Commission".

The second study was authored by Klaus Jacob, Sabine Weiland, Johanna Ferretti, Dirk Wascher and Daniela Chodorowska. It focuses on the integration of environmental issues in Regulatory Impact Assessments. The paper also includes a focus on climate assessments. The study entitled “Integrating the Environment in Regulatory Impact Assessment” is available here.