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Mongolian Government Delegation at the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU)

A delegation from the Mongolian Government, including Prof. Dr. Lundendorj Nanzaddorj, adviser to the Minister of Justice of Mongolia and director of the Mongolian law institute, as well as some of his employees visited the Environmental Policy Research Centre on November 23rd.

News from Dec 17, 2012

The meeting took place in the course of a comprehensive trip which included visiting the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Ministry of Justice, the German Bundestag, as well as research institutes in Berlin, Heidelberg and Potsdam. The trip was part of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development project “Ensuring the legal framework for a sustainable economic development”. At the FFU, Dr. Klaus Jacob gave an introduction to the subject “Integration of Environmental and Sustainability Aspects in Policy Impact Assessment”, followed by a discussion.