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Dr. Rüdiger Haum

Research Associate

Rüdiger Haum is a Research Associate to the Environmental Policy Centre since the beginning of 2006. He is also a doctoral student and part-tim research officer at SPRU-Science and Technology Policy, University of Sussex.UK. Prior to undertaking doctoral studies, Rüdiger Haum was for three years a Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Economics and Policy at the Institute foe ecological economy research (IÖW) in Berlin and editor in charge of the magazine Ökologisches Wirtschaften. Rüdiger Haum holds postgraduate degrees in Media Studies as well as in Science and Technology Policy, has undertaken a journalistic training at Bertelsmann and worked as a Journalist, PR-Editor and Business Consultant before turning to academia.
Rüdiger Haum contributed to various research and consulting projects in the fields of environment, innovation, ecological modernisation, and ecologic industrial policy for the Environmental Policy Research Centre.  The focus of his research for the centre has been on the effects of policy instruments on sustainable innovation on the national, EU and international level.
His doctoral thesis, which is supported through the Economic and Social Science Research Council (ESRC) investigates international technology transfer under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Key research areas

Ecological Modernization and Innovation, Sustainable Industrial Policy, Lead Markets