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Lisa Graaf


Research Fellow

Ihnestraße 22
D-14195 Berlin
(+)49 - 30 - 838 56685

Lisa joined the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) in 2008 as student assistant, working in different projects on sustainability governance. Since May 2011 she has been working as research fellow in projects on environmental strategy development, resource politics and dynamics and processes of transformation.

She was Conference Manager in 2010 and 2012 of the international ‘Berlin Conference of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change’.

Within the programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) "A new passage to India" Lisa spent two month in 2012 at The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) in Delhi, India. In her research at TERI she focused on the potentials and restraints of virtual water/water footprint labeling as a tool for sustainable water management.

As a lecturer for master students she worked on the topic “sources of legitimacy - political philosophy and their respective views on legitimacy applied on recent environmental policy processes".

Lisa studied political science and communication science in Berlin, Munich and Barcelona. During her study she completed internships among others at the German Bundestag, the Environmental Department of the Deutsche Bahn and at the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Key research areas

Environmental strategies and strategy development, sustainability and transformation governance, resource policies.

Current projects

Completed projects



  • Transformative Umweltpolitik: Nachhaltige Entwicklung konsequent fördern und gestalten. Ein Wegweiser für den Geschäftsbereich des BMU. PDF


  • Graaf, Lisa; Jacob, Klaus (2017): Ressourcenpolitik und Abfallvermeidung. Analyse der Anknüpfungspunkte zwischen dem Abfallvermeidungsprogramm und ProgRess. Kurzanalyse im Projekt Ressourcenpolitik 2. PDF
  • Graaf, Lisa; Jacob, Klaus (2017): Ressourcenpolitik und Nachhaltiger Konsum: Analyse der Anknüpfungspunkte zwischen Maßnahmen und Bedürfnisfeldern des Nationalen Programms für Nachhaltigen Konsum und ProgRess. Kurzanalyse: PDF; Policy Papier: PDF
  • Jacob, Klaus; Werland, Stefan; Graaf, Lisa (2017) Umrisse eines ressourcenpolitischen Narratives: Analyse der Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede von ressourcenpolitischen Konzepten. PDF


  • Graaf, Lisa; Jacob, Klaus (2016) Ressourcenpolitik und Klimaschutz. Analyse der Anknüpfungspunkte zwischen Maßnahmen und Handlungsfeldern des Ressourceneffizienzprogramms ProgRess und dem Klimaschutzplan 2050. PDF (Langfassung); Policy Papier zur Studie: PDF
  • Jacob, Klaus; Wolff, Franziska; Graaf, Lisa; Heyen, Dirk Arne; Guske, Anna-Lena (2016) Dynamiken der Umweltpolitik in Deutschland: Rückschau und Perspektiven. PDF