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Prof. Catherine Mitchell

University of Exeter

Catherine Mitchell is Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Exeter. Previously she worked at the Universities of Warwick, Sussex and California, Berkeley. She holds a PhD from Sussex University in Technology and Innovation Policy.

Catherine holds an Established Career Fellowship with the British EPSRC research council (2012-2016) on the relationship between innovation and governance, and it is this work that will be the basis of the research collaboration with Energy Trans.

Catherine was a Lead Author in the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, a Co-ordinating Lead Author of the IPCC’s Special Report on Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation (published in 2011); and a Lead Analyst on the Global Energy Assessment undertaken through the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) published in 2012.

She is the Chairperson of the Regulatory Assistance Project, on the Board of the Centre for Sustainable Energy and the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, and is a Member of IPPRs Policy Advisory Committee. Catherine has served on several panels advising the GB government, such as the Energy Advisory Panel (1998-2003), and on other Advisory Panels such as the Balancing and Settlement Code Panel (2008-2010), the Academic Advisory Panel to DECC for Electricity Market Reform (2010), and DECC’s Distributed Generation Advisory Panel (2012). She chaired the British Institute of Energy Economics in 2009-10, and has advised numerous national and international companies, NGOs and institutions on various aspects of the transition to a sustainable energy system.

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