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Dörte Themann


Doctoral candidate

Ihnestraße 22
14195 Berlin

Dörte Themann holds a Bachelor Sc. in Environmental Sciences and completed the Master program “Environmental Policy and Planning” at Freie Universität Berlin and Technical University Berlin with a M.A.
From 2016-2017, she was working as a student assistant for Dr. Achim Brunnengräber at the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) within the project “ENTRIA” (Disposal Options for Radioactive Residues: Interdisciplinary Analyses and Development of Evaluation Principles). Since 2018, she works as research fellow at the FFU. From 2018 to 2020 she worked within the project SOTEC-radio (Methods and measures to deal with socio-technical challenges in storage and disposal of radioactive waste management) as well as in the project WinWind, a project under the EU H2020 research and innovation programme.

Since 2020 she is doctoral candidate and research fellow within the project TRANSENS and especially engaged within the sub-group DIPRO.
Next to socio-technical systems, she is interested in institutional analysis, power structures, environmental justice, reflexive and polycentric governance as well as sustainability research.


  • Zimmer, Fabian; Themann, Dörte (2020): The Rise of E-Mobility as a Trade-off between social and ecological benefits and Distributional Injustice: How the socio-technical regime and externalisation prevent a profound transformation of the mobility sector. In: Lehmann, Harry (Ed.): Sustainable Development and Resource Productivity - The Nexus Approaches. Routledge.
  • Isidoro Losada, Ana María; Themann, Dörte; Di Nucci, Maria Rosaria (2019): Experts, politics and society in the German site selection process. Ambition and reality of the advisory bodies, in: Brunnengräber, Achim; Di Nucci, Maria Rosaria (Hrsg.) (2019): Conflicts, Participation and Acceptability in Nuclear Waste Governance (Vol. III), Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

  • Themann, Dörte; Brunnengräber, Achim (2019): The nuclear legacy in the Anthropocene: interrelation between nature, technology and society, in: Hickmann, Thomas; Partzsch, Lena; Pattberg, Philipp; Weiland, Sabine (Hrsg.) (2019): The Anthropocene Debate and Political Science, London and New York: Routledge, Research in Global Environmental Governance, pp. 182-199.

  • Themann, Dörte; Brunnengräber, Achim (2017): Sozialökologische Herausforderungen im Zeitalter des Anthropozäns? Das Beispiel der Endlagerung hochradioaktiver Abfälle, in: Müller, Monika C. M. (Hrsg.) (2017): Endlagersuche. Wie steht es um die Vorbereitung der Entsorgung radioaktiver Abfälle Deutschland? Reihe Loccumer Protokolle Band 27/16, Rehburg-Loccum 2017, S. 11-28.