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Ji-ae Han

Ji-ae Han

Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script”

Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transregional Studies

Freie Universität Berlin



Since 10/2020: Free University of Berlin, PhD student at the gender and diversity department, the Otto Suhr Institute

09/2017 - 11/2018: The UCL Institute of Education MA Gender, Education, and International Development

03/2009 - 02/2017: Pusan National University, BA Political Science and Diplomacy & Early Childhood Education 

Work Experience 

Since 08/2023: Visiting researcher at the Soongsil Institute for Peace and Unification (5 months)

03/2022 - 06/2022: Project coordinator for the PROMISE (South Korean-based humanitarian NGO) 

Since 2019: Saram - Stiftung Für Menschenrechte in Nordkorea (project management, translation)

08/2013-01/2016: Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Bridge Africa Program, community organiser 


2017: Overseas scholarship from the National Institute for International Education

2016: Awardee of The Talent Award of Korea


Since 10/2020: PhD research titled "Mapping Political Agency of the Marginalised from Everyday Life: Autobiographical Narrative Research on Understanding the Political Agency of North Korean Defectors"

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gülay Çağlar

Since 08/2023: Visiting researcher at the Soongsil Institute for Peace and Unification (5 months) 


Academic activities

09/2022: Presentation titled "What the Arendtian Concept of Political Agency Means for North Korean Defectors as Pariahs: New Interpretation and Limits" at the annual summer seminar <Identity of Europe: War, Politics, and Ideology>, IUC Dubrovnik

06/2022: Presentation titled "Mapping political agency of refugees from everyday spaces through topological lens" at the Refugee Nations and Unimagined Cartographies: Migration, Displacement andHomelessness in Contemporary Geopolitics, section 2, The American Comparative Literature Association 

한지애, 김태경, & 조희숙. (2016). ‘아프리카 말라위’지역 어린이집의 바깥놀이에 관한 현상학적 연구: 어울림의 교육 공동체. 생태유아교육연구15(3), 1-31, Translation) Jiae Han, Taekyung Kim & Heesook Jo. (2016), 'Phenomenological research on outdoor activities at the nursery school in Malawi, Africa: education as community, The Journal of Eco Early Childhood Education & Care,  15(3), 1-31.