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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Environmental Conflict and Related Migration

Funding: FRIAS Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies 

Start of Funding: Winter Term 2017/18 

Members of Project: Prof. Dr. Michael Pregernig (Umwelt- und Sozialwissenschaften), Prof. Dr. Tim Krieger (Ordnungs- und Wettbewerbspolitik), Prof. Dr. Diana Panke (Wissenschaftliche Politik) 



The research group "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Environmental Conflict and Related Migration" deals with a highly topical and important issue. The focus of interest is on the connections between resource and environmental conflicts in countries of origin and the resulting migration in host countries, as well as the effects of this migration in host and countries of origin. The research group is investigating three questions: Under what conditions do resource and environmental conflicts set incentives for migration? Which people actually migrate? And how are migration flows politically regulated? These questions are examined in interdisciplinary cooperation. To this end, the research group meets regularly, organizes a workshop and an edited volume, and organizes lectures as part of the Freiburg Horizons series.