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Winter Term 2021/22

English-speaking teaching offers in the field of International Relations in the winter term 2021/22 by the ATASP staff, lecturers and private lecturers. 

15132: PS: Borders in Africa: Myths and Realities (Proseminar)
InstructorDr. Nathalie Raunet
Time Thursday, 14: 00 PM - 16:00 PM (online)  starting date: 21.10.2021 
15134: PS: (METH) Quantitative Approaches to International Relations (Proseminar)
InstructorProf. Dr. Tobias Hofmann
Time Wednesday, 16:00 PM -18:00 PM (online)  Starting date: 20.10.2021 
15136: PS: An introduction into politics of exploitation and underdevelopment’ Or: Why are the ‘richest’ countries in the world the ‘poorest’ countries in the world? (Proseminar)
InstructorSara Dehkordi
Time Thursday, 12: 00 - 14:00 Uhr (online)  starting date: 21.10.2021 
15261: S: (METH) The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Seminar)
InstructorDr. Berthold M. Kuhn
Time Wednesday 10:00 AM -12:00 PM Online starting date: 20.10.2021 
15262: S: Critical Perspectives on Peace and Conflict in the African Continent (Seminar)
InstructorSara Dehkordi
Time Friday, 12: 00 PM - 14:00 PM (online)  starting date: 22.10.2021 
15370: S: Contestation of and in contemporary political orders (Seminar)
InstructorProf. Dr. Michael Zürn
Time Monday, 16:00 PM -18:00 PM (1. + 2.classes are held online, after that held in person) starting date: 18.10.2021 
15372: S: Theories of International Cooperation (Seminar)
InstructorDr. Ingo Peters
Time Monday, 14:00 PM -16:00 PM (hybrid) starting date: 18.10.2021 
15373: S: EU and United States Foreign and Security Policy in Comparative Perspective: Prospects for transatlantic cooperation (Seminar)
InstructorDr. Ingo Peters
Time Tuesday, 10:00 AM -12:00 PM (hybrid) starting date: 19.10.2021 
15374: S: Colonial Genocide in Sub-Saharan Africa - Namibia, Tanzania, Congo Free State (Seminar)
InstructorSara Dehkordi
Time Wednesday, 12: 00 PM - 14:00 PM (online)  starting date: 20.10.2021