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Just published: Ukraine between Brussels and Moscow by Dr. Julia Langbein

News from Jan 21, 2015

We would like to draw attention to a recent publication by Dr. Julia Langbein, scientific coordinator of the FP7 project MAXCAP and senior research fellow at the Center for European Integration.

In "Transnationalization and regulatory change in the EU's Eastern neighbourhood. Ukraine between Brussels and Moscow ", which has been published in December 2014 with Routledge, the author examines why convergence with transnational market rules varies across different policy sectors within the Eastern neighbourhood countries. The book analyzes the drivers of regulatory change and explores the conditions under which post-Soviet economies integrate with international markets. Furthermore, through the study of the impact of Western and Russian transnational actors, the book concludes that Russia’s presence does not necessarily hinder the integration of the EU’s Eastern neighbours with international markets. Instead, Russia both weakens and strengthens domestic support for convergence with transnational market rules in the region. More information is available here.

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