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Contestations of the Liberal Script in a Global Perspective

At the WISC Global Virtual Conference, Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel critically discussed the global challenges of the liberal world order together with other renowned academics.

News from Jul 08, 2021

Since at least World War II and incorporated into the UN Charter, several liberal principles have characterized the international order, such as (collective) self-determination, basic human rights, an open international economic system, as well as rule-based and principled multilateralism. For the past ten years or so, this liberal international order (LIO) has become increasingly contested, both from within core Western powers (right-and left-wing populism) and external challengers (China, Russia, etc.). The roundtable will discuss these various contestations from global perspectives. Participants from around the globe will raise critical issues with regard to the LIO and its inclusionary as well as exclusionary features.

You can find the recording of the roundtable either on the WISC homepage here or directly here on Youtube.

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