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Asia Europe Journal Special Issue and A New Book Chapter by Dr Tereza Novotná

News from Dec 27, 2023

We are delighted to announce Dr. Tereza Novotná's latest academic publications. As managing editor and co-editor, she has overseen the Asia Europe Journal (AEJ) special issue commemorating the 60th anniversary of EU-South Korea diplomatic relations. The special issue features her co-authored article " South Korea and the EU battling COVID-19: shared contribution to global health governance and human security" which compares and contrasts the two partners’ approaches to the pandemic and a co-authored editorial to the special issue on “EU-Korea relations at 60: managing cooperation in the context of great power rivalry”. Both articles are open access!


Additionally, her book chapter "The 2021 Federal Election and Evolving EU/German Relations: From Merkel to Ampel" provides an in-depth analysis of Germany's EU policies from Merkel to the current “traffic light” coalition in a volume on the 2021 German Bundestag elections.


For more information, check out the publications here:

AEJ Special Issue:


Editorial commemorating the 60th EU-Korea anniversary:


Article on EU-South Korea Battling COVID-19:


Book chapter on Germany's changing approach to EU policies:



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